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Business Partner Whitepaper Series

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APPA’s Business Partner members have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise that APPA’s members benefit from. As business partners to the educational facilities enterprise, you provide innovative ideas, high-quality products, and problem-solving techniques that prove to be valuable money- and time-saving resources that benefit our educational institutions and organizations.

The Business Partner Whitepaper Series includes case studies, research results, technical reports, product or process development information, or essays on concepts of interest to educational facilities.

APPA Business Partner Whitepapers

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Defining Facility Condition Assessment Level of Detail (posted 3/14/2022)


Queens University of Charlotte Cuts Annual Energy Costs (posted 2/15/22)

America’s Largest Industrial Thrift Store (posted 10/5/21)

Help Ensure the Health and Safety of Your Students, Faculty & Staff, Fully Funded (posted 9/1/2021)

Contribute a Whitepaper to Inside APPA and the APPA Website

Open only to APPA’s Business Partner members

For APPA’s biweekly e-newsletter, Inside APPA, we have created the Business Partner Whitepaper Series and invite you to contribute a case study, technical paper, or research report to be published in a future issue of the newsletter and the APPA Newsfeed page. Inside APPA is distributed biweekly to more than 17,000 educational facilities professionals. 

Note that there is no charge for you to participate; we just want to share your valuable products and services with APPA members, and increase your firm’s exposure and visibility.

Submission Details

  • Contributions to the Business Partner Whitepaper Series are open only to current Business Partner members of APPA. Current dues must be paid in full. Sharing your knowledge with fellow APPA members will increase your firm’s exposure and visibility. If you are not yet an APPA Business Partner member, learn more and join by visiting
  • Each published whitepaper will be promoted and linked in the biweekly e-newsletter, Inside APPA. Additionally, it will appear in the APPA Newsletter newsfeed, and be archived on the APPA website as valuable content for members and others to search and review.
    For an example of a newsletter containing a whitepaper, please click here.
  • Your whitepaper should focus on an issue, project, or research that you’ve conducted related to educational facilities. This includes facilities topics focused on colleges, universities, K-12 schools and districts, preparatory schools, museums, libraries, city/county governments, federal agencies, and other nonprofit, education-oriented entities.
  • There is no cost to your company for contributing a whitepaper to this new series. This is a benefit of your commitment as an APPA Business Partner member.

Submitting Your Paper

Your paper can be submitted as a traditional whitepaper, or it can be submitted as a PDF file, or as a link to a web page of the case study, technical paper, or research report you wish to promote. 

We urge you to include a short overall promotional statement about your company, product, or service, along with contact information.

If submitted as a traditional whitepaper, APPA retains the option of reformatting the paper for style and length.

To read past issues of Inside APPA or to sign somebody up for a free subscription, please visit

Thank you in advance for your contributions to the series. Please send your questions or whitepaper ideas to Steve Glazner, APPA’s director of knowledge management.